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We stock a wide range of pressure sensitive tapes, packaging supplies, custom labels and dispensing equipment, as well as, high-security and indicative seals.  We provide products and services virtually every industry and application, including electrical, electronic, automotive, appliance,wire-harness, powder-coating, construction, pharmaceutical, textile, masking, packaging and specialty.

Textape carries a complete selection of tapes, adhesives, labels, dispensers, and related materials.       Our product lines include tapes and films made from a wide variety of materials.  You may need a paper tape, cloth tape, vinyl tape or tapes made from polyester, polyethylene or polypropylene.  We carry them all!  If your process calls for foam tapes, gauze finger tapes, or tapes made from glass or acetate cloth give us a call.  We also carry a selection of film tapes, laminate tapes and automotive harness tapes, as well as the dispensers and tools needed for proper application of our products.

Textape produces and/or promotes a wide variety of products , such as: adhesives; aerosols; “FAST LANE”* security seals; die-cuts; dispensing equipment; electrical and industrial tapes; labels; packaging materials; poly bags; sleeving; solder; stretch film and tubing.


*(Free and Secure Trade)
      Textape's full line of packaing materials, including shrink wrap, sealing tape and strapping, can meet your packaging needs.
Textape supplies high security seals, indicative seals and security tapes to C-TPAT certified companies and other security conscious organizations.       Textape provides all types of “C-TPAT”* approved high-security seals, enabling our customer’s trucks to use the “FAST LANE”, when crossing the border.  These seals have proven to be effective in deterring shipments that contain contraband. Textape stocks large quantities of high-security cable, pull-tight, bolt, aluminum band and plastic band seals, in order to provide our customers with prompt and professional service for all of their security requirements.
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